Shakespeare's Sonnets

The Sonnets for iPad

The Sonnets by William Shakespeare allows you to enjoy, explore and understand these immortal works of literature as never before.

All 154 poems are performed to camera by an all-star cast including Sir Patrick Stewart, Kim Cattrall, Stephen Fry and David Tennant. The text highlights line by line as each sonnet is performed.

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The Sonnets DVD

All of the specially filmed performances from the iPad app on DVD. With a running time of over two hours, you can immerse yourself in engaging performances of all of the Sonnets, the dedication and A Lover's Complaint.

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Shakespeare’s Sonnets The Book

Katherine Duncan Jones tackles the controversies and mysteries surrounding these beautiful poems head on, and explores the issues of sexuality to be found in them, making this a truly modern edition for today's readers and students.

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Reading Shakespeare’s Sonnets

An approachable handbook to the Sonnets offering an indispensable insight into our greatest Elizabethan writer by one of the leading poets of our own day.

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